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White Linen Night in the Heights is such a fun event every year even if we didnt all dress in white this year! 

Patty , Jessica & Jason met up with us at cricket cafe off 19th street, Mila ordered the creamsicle gelato, Maddie the chocolate ice cream and I got the cream soda vanilla ice cream float… ohhhhhh.. yymmmmm ..gggggg I’am still day dreaming of the ice cream float, it was soooo delish!!! Their vanilla gelato is the best in town!

We checked out the tale end of the fashion show, which Jess & I hope to style next year.. Things are in the works :) and then checked out their pop up vendors that was pretty new for this year. Maddie loved sitting on Jasons shoulders I think she was 8 feet off the ground he is so tall lol. I spotted the Smilebooth at Thread one of my favorite kids consignment boutiques, its precious inside. They thankfully were in the mood-ish for the photo op, but every time I thought the camera clicked it caught me off guard! Most of my faces are silly. Silly Goose as Maddie would say.

We love the Heights!

What was your favorite part of the night?