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Its a great Idea to let your kids have a big part in something in their room. They are more likely to be happy to keep it clean and organized or “pretty” as my girls say.

I have been on the hunt for a bookshelf for the girls room, to keep it tidy {it gets soo messy!!} originally I wanted something vintage and wicker but really never found anything I really liked. 

My mom suggested we use a bookshelf she has had in storage for years, It was perfect! We picked 3 colors we really liked, a pink, an off white beige color and a magenta. I sanded the bookshelf down with an electric sander to rough up the paint and help the new paint stick. Put some painters tarp down, let the girls put on some clothes {we didnt mind getting paint on} and let them “help” as much as they wanted. I went over it a few times with paint to get a more one layer look down. The twins painting style is to jump around from place to place.

I love what their room looks and feels like when you walk in it now, and they are much happier to keep it tiddy, which is a saving grace in this house! I hate a messy house and with twins its like im cleaning ALL-The-TIME! Story of my life like i dont have million things to do..

Stay Tuned to the DIY Chore Chart we are going to craft and implement into their daily routine very soon!!


It’s a Pink Affair!

Hotel Zaza {Houston} and Susan G. Komen Hosted a Pink Party last week on their rooftop pool. If you were luck enough to get your rsvp in time kudos to you, I unfortunately got turned down.. whaaaww. Until that is, I posted on facebook the issue and my friend came to the rescue. She emailed and said she was unable to go but could get me in under her media pass. Lori from DISH Houston you are really a great friend you are always there to jump in and help in any way and your just so much fun! Thank you :) 

As you walk in{out} to the rooftop see an arsenal of pink, omgs the excitement im such a girl. You are welcomed with pink champagne, what a way to start off the party. To the left were mini pink cupcakes from sprinkles, pink candy apples, pink cotton candy a kissing booth, Tooties had a table set up with pink glasses and a raffle. There were magicians, and a fortune teller, oh and of course the dunking booth with well known bachelorette Erica Rose and bachelor Kalen McMahon being dunked for a cause. I guess people dont like him, but I honestly have never watched an episode of the bachelor pad. Bethany from Southerchicstyle was there to walk around with me and snap some photos of all the circus pink chic chaos. Oh I never mentioned the women on stilts, fashionable models walking in clothes provided by the hottest store in town Tootsies and the min ringer leader who started to boogie by the nights end. This was seriously a fun party! Check culturemaps review of the fun and spot Bethany & I in the photo slide :)