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Minni Masquerade

So I have been away from my blog for quit some time.. Its really like this.. I have SO MUCH to catch up on on the blog I really dont know where to start.. I tend to get into these moods where I get overwhelmed with one thing because im working so hard on something else that I let the other thing go. I have so many passions and goals for this one life I live and it’s really all about balancing the ball, sometimes I drop it a few times and sometimes I some how catch them?

Fashion has always been a very deep love of mine, I’m constantly going to shows or charity events. I have twin girls who are always asking me if they could come, saddened by telling them its only for adults I decided to change that. That is essentially how Minni Masquerade was born; Minus all the research, sleepless nights, and sometimes, yes tears. It started off as a very small idea and then inspired into something completely different and much bigger.

Im very passionate about life, have many interests in all sorts of things and find myself a bit all over the place. I struggled with what the heck am I doing why cant I just pick something and stick to it; but in return I have 100% belief that everything I do, everything I try, has a sole purpose and one day It will all come together and make sense, and it has!  Being in the fashion industry at age of 17 and working my way up, transitioning into a period of time where I let my dreams go and then being brought back to life again; Its been a journey to say the least. One that I wear on my sleeve, I also believe that everything you go through is for a purpose of helping someone else that is like minded.

MinniMasquerade really encompasses all of the things I care about in life and the friendships and connections I have made along the way. It has been created to close a gap between high end events for adults and chaotic kid’s events. Created to inspire young minds and even parents, created with my twin girls and other friend’s kids in mind. It’s a premier event for minni me’s and their family with a soul purpose to inspire our offspring in changing the world and in touching lives. Proceeds of the event will go into a Charity that Im deeply touched by.

Everything behind this event has more meaning than you would naturally expect. We will have pop up shops in many different categories but always hand selected by me to insure quality. When you hear pop up shop it isn’t just shopping, its connecting local mom and pop businesses to people who may not know of them already, its creating a lifestyle for you but a life for someone else. DIY crafts tables, When you think crafts it isn’t just an activity to fill time, it’s to inspire little ones to think, act, create and to give back; these crafts are something you just dont throw away when you get home but rather something they can keep and use or give to someone else.  A Fashion show isn’t just a show it’s filled with minni’s minds; a show that will bring their confidence and work ethic into their lives at an early age. While entertaining you and showcasing some of the coolest kids brands and a new look on how to style your little for school. We will have food catered in, but not your average grub, it will be yummy for your tummy but also teach kids how to eat healthy, fresh and connect you with companies in Houston that do just that.

    There will be more to create, more cities and states to conquer and I hope that coming to our event will connect you more to your little one, inspire you both to make healthy, fun and philanthropic choices in life.



If you are interested in connecting with us, please follow us on all of our links below. 



Interested in being in this years event in Houston or Dallas please email us here {}




I love my hair stylist!

I am like a hair salon whore. haha no really i have so many friends who are hair stylists in the industry that i will go to one one month and another another month. But with Caitlyn Smith from SOK i have finally stopped going around town and finally find myself wanting to settle down. I really dont know what brought on this change maybe its just a connection we have or that im getting older. Im kidding; but i really do love caitlyn i just let her have free range with my hair, i give her a slight idea and tell her to run with it and i love what she gives back. I love my short angled hair. I went to a wedding in dallas right after i got my hair done and i had soo many complements. I even had a woman at Buc-ees stop me and ask where i got my hair done. Im glad i had a few cards on me because i gave her one. I got a text from caitln a few days later telling me the lady came in with her daughter and her sister and her daughter would be making an appointment with her the following week! I love meeting new people i thrive off of making these connections for others. I love my little circle and i love my hair!



Thought this was interesting! It changes so much from bowl to chair


i went to the mall after to try on dresses for the wedding.



If your in the woodlands be sure to ask for Danielle Bruce at Bella Rinova  In market street.

David Lowry at Salon Matos in Spring 

David Rameriez at Blue Mambo Chelsea district downtown houston

and Roi Alan at Kharisma Salon in the Galleria area

They have all done my hair, I love them all, trust them all and the atmosphere at each is beautiful 



Stella & Dot Spring line is out!

Im a stylist and obsessed with Stella & Dot. They just launched the SPRING13 line and these are some of my top favorites! I paired the spring pieces with a few fall clothing pieces, its still cold here in Texas, not to mention rainy! I love this Mulberry orange bag and geometric iphone case from society6-Support artists. Im in love with blazers that have a different textile sleeve or color like this farfetch tweed blazer; and these black boots with gold heels.

Fall into spring



AshLee Frazier & I went shopping

Over the weekend AshLee and I went by two of my favorite boutiques in Houston,TX. Elaine Turner in Rice Village and Carrie Ann in Uptown. AshLee walked away with this bag and these boots, even though it was a hard decision! We looked online prior to coming into the store but you honestly need to see everything in person. Check out my boards for some of my favorites and AshLee’s from Elaine Turner.
Watch her on The Bachelor Monday 7pm on ABC! If you are using Twitter or Instagram her HASHTAG is #BacheloretteAshLee.
Follow her Company Love it! Organized , FacebookTwitter
Top Pick at Elaine Turner

Top picks elaine turner boots




My Skull Wishlist!

So I compiled everything worth buying over the holidays for yourself or fellow lover of skulls. Everything from boots, purses, jewelry, home, kids, men and accessories. Hope to take some stress off you during this holiday season!


Momma Style Fall within an Edge

Mom Compliments Kiddo’s Style with rocker chic boots from Zara, a studded leather jacket and lace dress from French Connection. Im lovinnggg this almost see through grey bag from Furla and this colorful geometric iphone case from!! 
Momma Style Fall with in an edge

French connection

Furla zip bag


"KId-Style" Fall within an Edge

Let kids be kids! But here is a really cool modern way of letting their crazy style show through! Neon Dress from Gap kids with a fur vest, some awesome geometric style tights from etsy and rocker-chic black boots from Zara kids ( my fav)! Make sure she has her purse to stuff all her gum and princess chapstick in like mine do ;) 
Kid Style
My best and lovely blogger friend Monica from Classy & Fabulous just wrote about me!
Thank you so much! Your friendship has meant the world to me! Im so happy that I met you almost 3.5 years ago!! Wow almost 4!! You are so uplifting, inspiring and positive.. The most things I cherish in people and close friends! You are a beautiful soul and not many are like you!

My best and lovely blogger friend Monica from Classy & Fabulous just wrote about me!

Thank you so much! Your friendship has meant the world to me! Im so happy that I met you almost 3.5 years ago!! Wow almost 4!! You are so uplifting, inspiring and positive.. The most things I cherish in people and close friends! You are a beautiful soul and not many are like you!



CB2 Collab With The Novogratz!

CB2 Novogratz
Im soooooooo obsessed with The Novogratz way of designing. They use elements of art, vintage and modern and I love how they effortlessly pull it all together. Their usage of wallpaper is just exciting! I could go on about The Novogratz for ever, Its so inspiring to see a couple who work together, who have stayed together, and still manage to balance their 7 kids!! What a power couple! congrats!
They recently launched a few pieces with CB2. CB2 is one of my favorite furniture stores; they are very urban, modern and perfect for city lofts. The above photo is all they offer right now. Hopefully their line with CB2 becomes larger I would like to see more!


ZARA HOME just launched in the states and im INLOVE!! Anyone that knows me knows how much i love anything skulls! I hit the jack pot of modern cool skull products. My fav has to be the flatware and coffee mug of course ;) Great for halloween dinners, or christmas gifts!
zara home